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Rethinking Websites: It’s Time to Touch Grass

April 11, 2024

It’s time to scrap all the terminology and confusing lingo and think about websites in a different way. Let’s imagine what a website would be in the real world—like it’s time to touch grass.

What Would a Website Be in the Real World?

What is your guess? A brochure, catalogue, or business card? Wrong, well mostly wrong. A website in the real world is more like an office or a shop. Hear me out.

It can’t be a brochure or a catalogue. It’s not meant to be set up once and be done with it. When someone comes to your website, you’re supposed to greet them, help them find what they are looking for without any fuss. When a website is treated like a brochure, people look at it once and then throw it out. We don’t want that!

How Should We Treat Our Websites?

So what can we do? We can hire employees to help our customers. And who are the employees in this analogy? Our website features are our employees! They greet our customers, take down their names, direct them to what they are looking for, and treat them like our VIPs. So it’s time to treat our websites like the little shop or office that it is. Don’t let it sit there; put your website features to work!

Running Your Website Like a Shop or Office

Now, how would you run your office or shop? How do you want your customers to be treated when they arrive? These are great questions to ask when you’re thinking about what to do with your website next!

A website is like a shop or office, and your website features are like your employees. Treat them well, and they’ll help you succeed.