Warehouse One

June 2, 2023
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During my experience at Warehouse One, The Jean Store, I had the opportunity to work closely with the marketing team. Together, we created a strong impact on the eCommerce business by crafting beautiful and effective graphics for email, social media, and the website

Web Design

Being responsible for website design and development was an absolute delight. I got to create web pages that showcased important products, sizing details, promotions, and all the essential information in a way that was both appealing and user-friendly. Keeping the website up to date with fresh content was also part of my gig, ensuring that customers always had the latest and greatest information at their fingertips.

Email Marketing

One of the highlights of my role was email marketing. I had a blast designing eye-catching graphics that grabbed the attention of customers and made them excited to explore all the incredible products and promotions Warehouse One had to offer. It was such a joy to see our efforts driving sales and boosting engagement.


To sum it all up, my time at Warehouse One, The Jean Store was a fantastic journey filled with creativity, teamwork, and impactful results. From email marketing to website design, landing pages, interactive graphics, and supporting my peers, I had the privilege of making a real difference in driving sales and creating a welcoming online presence for the brand.

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