Spotted Eagle Logo

June 22, 2023
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Spotted Eagle Handmade is an indigenous artist specializing in crafting luxury hand-knit items using 100% merino wool, as well as creating exquisite beaded earrings. The artist's main focus is to infuse her creations with the essence of her indigenous heritage, while incorporating an element of glamour.

The Process

The journey towards developing a distinctive logo for Spotted Eagle Handmade began with thorough communication and understanding of the artist's vision. Through collaborative discussions, the artist expressed her desire for a logo that would authentically represent her indigenous heritage, specifically referencing her indigenous name, Spotted Eagle, given to her by respected elders. She envisioned a design featuring an eagle feather adorned with unique spots.

To commence the design process, initial sketches were created to explore different interpretations of the concept. Among the sketches, a particular design resonated strongly, capturing the desired essence of indigenous heritage and glamour. These sketches were then presented to Spotted Eagle Handmade for her input and feedback.

Taking into account the artist's preferences and suggestions, the chosen design was further refined and developed. Iterative reviews and revisions were undertaken to ensure the logo perfectly embodied the artist's vision and showcased her indigenous heritage with a touch of elegance. The final result emerged as a captivating and symbolic representation of Spotted Eagle Handmade's unique identity and artistry



Spotted Eagle Handmade was thrilled with the final logo and promptly incorporated it into various aspects of her brand, including tags and earring hangers. This distinctive logo serves as a powerful visual representation of her artistic journey, reflecting her passion for luxury hand-knit items and beaded earrings infused with the richness of her indigenous heritage.

To explore Spotted Eagle Handmade's extraordinary creations and witness the seamless fusion of indigenous artistry and glamour, please visit her Instagram page at: Immerse yourself in the world of hand-knit luxury and meticulously crafted beaded earrings, each piece crafted with utmost care and imbued with the artist's indigenous heritage.