June 6, 2023
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During my time at Bootlegger, I embarked on a mission to elevate the website to new heights. It was evident that the site needed a modern touch, and the navigation experience left much to be desired. My primary objective was to enhance the navigation, aiming to boost conversions and ensure a delightful shopping experience. After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer! Simultaneously, I set my sights on increasing organic traffic by implementing strategic SEO improvements.

Navigation And SEO

To achieve these goals, I implemented a range of tactics. First and foremost, I optimized the website's structure and content to improve navigation. By introducing intuitive menus, refining categories, and streamlining the user journey, we paved the way for effortless exploration and swift conversions. Additionally, I implemented SEO best practices throughout the site. This included enriching our content with valuable and relevant text, optimizing headers and alt descriptions for images, enhancing category pages with engaging descriptions, and even establishing an enticing blog to captivate our audience and enhance our search presence.

Landing Pages

Furthermore, I ventured into the realm of crafting purpose-driven landing pages. These bespoke pages were meticulously designed to target specific keywords, bolster SEO efforts, and guide customers seamlessly towards their desired products. By optimizing these pages for search engines while maintaining a user-friendly layout, we maximized our online visibility and attracted valuable organic traffic.


Throughout my journey at Bootlegger, I combined my expertise along with creativity. From improving the navigation experience to implementing effective SEO strategies and crafting captivating landing pages. The results were tangible as the website evolved into a professional and customer-centric platform, poised to excel in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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